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Re: The number of etch installations is rocketing...

[ moving over from -devel ]


* Petter Reinholdtsen <pere@hungry.com> [070417 13:53]:

> > My point was, that popcon is not a good metric for the number of
> > installed systems, since it reports about the same number of systems
> > that we agree on being way too low.
> I agree.  It can be used as a lower bound, thought.  It is unlikely
> that there are fewer Debian systems than those reporting to
> popcon.debian.org.  And tomorrow, I expect that number to pass 40 000. :)

Cool... And not long ago we had the 30 000 IIRC?  Maybe we should
prepare an announcement for -news when 50'000 is reached?  When could we
expect that to happen?

Yours sincerely,

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