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Re: Linux Magazin Special about Debian

> Phew, as we did not hear anything for some weeks now, and so none of the
> open questions are handled yet, end of december is quite soon. But as I
> am going to recycle parts of my upcoming Xen book, it might be doable.

Yes, sorry about that. However I don't see too many open questions
apart from the actual Etch release date. What else is questionable?
Concerning the question on the article language: If there's an author
who can write only in English, it's fine for use, we will care for
the translation. Other languages will be more difficult.
> Are you subscribed to the list, or do you want a personal copy
> of each mail?

I actually wasn't until yesterday and I was a bit surprised, too, 
to find quite a lot of replies to Martin's first email when I 
checked the archives yesterday. Now I am subscribed, too.


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