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Re: Press Anouncement preparation for Sarge r3

Martin Zobel-Helas wrote:
> please let us try to prepare the upcoming release announcement for Sarge
> r3. We should outline that a new Debian installer package has been
> built. Also i would like to prefere to have the packages that are
> non-DSA this time could be mentioned first, as VERY many persons asked
> last time, why "foo" is to be updated, as most of them did not read the
> announcement to the end of the mail.
> Also i would like to request, to hold back the release announcement as
> long as no CD images are build. a) as the new debian installer is built,
> most persons will start downloading cdimages as soon as the release
> announcement is out, and b) we need to actually test the d-i, as we need
> packages in stable for testing d-i builds. This will result in broken
> cdimages for some cds in the timeframe, but i think we can handle that.

Could you give an ETA on a) when r3 will happen in the archive and b)
CD and DVD images will be updated?

We must not hold on the annoncement for too long since people who run
their daily apt-get update && apt-get upgrade commands will suddenly
notice some packages creep in that are not security updates.  Hence,
they will wonder what's going on.  Thus, there needs to be an
announcement shortly after r3 has hit the archive.

For the CDs: Could the cd creation process be connected to the archive
before the mirror pulse will drag all updates into all mirrors?  Thus
giving it some extra hours?

If not, I'd rather add to the advisory that the CD and DVD images are
being built right now and will be available as soon as possible.



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