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re: Report on the event coordination meeting in Essen, Germany

Just a couple of bits of info gleaned from the Debian-UK booth
experience of the last few years.

7.2 Shelf

   We discussed the posibility of buying a simple shelf for the
   booths, to present either merchandise or information material. The
   problem with such a shelf would be that it is even if it can be
   taken apart still rather bulky, which would make sending it around
   pretty expensive. Still especially on large events it would be very
   useful. We thus decided that zobel should look for a cheap shelf
   that would fit with a booth. 

Debian UK has such a shelf, for the same reasons. It packs flat and is
held together with nuts and bolts. It does not take up too much space
but it is heavy. It is really useful. The only real problem is that the
assembly/disassembly takes quite a long time. Particularly at the end
of a show you want to get everything apart and out quite quickly.
There are usually plenty of people to help but if you could find
something that had a quicker assembly method then it would be worth
spending a bit more money on. Something that used captive nuts or any
of the multitude of clever cabinet cam bolts would be better.

7.4 Debian Banner

   In order to have an eye catcher and make the Debian booth better
   recognisable from the distance we decided to buy some kind of
   banner. We decided against a "classical" landscape format one since
   they are difficult to put up and require a lot of space/a wide
   booth. Instead we will get a vertical one (or two) with a frame to
   put it up.
Debian-UK bought a banner about 4 years ago. This is designed to be
hung vertically or horizontally depending on the facilities available.
This is done by having the swirls on either end in different
orientations, and the one that is innapropriate for the hanging
direction is folded underneath. It has tie-points to facilitite this.
It is PVC to make it durable. This has worked well. You could just use
the same design if you liked. Paul Sladen is the man to ask about
details of design files and printing (actually technically I think it
is his personal banner).


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