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Re: Layout for DebianTimes

Steve Kemp wrote:

  Doesn't this overlap with debian-news.net ?  Or are you thinking
 of even smaller items?

As I wrote in http://lists.debian.org/debian-publicity/2006/07/msg00030.html , I think that there will be quite a bit of overlap between the two sites and have suggested to use the feed (or a specific tailored feed) from debian-news.net, so DebianTimes wouldn't have to work on the same news items as I do, but could benefit from my work instead.

I mostly post news items about Debian either from (1) the public announcements on debian-news or debian-announce (2) articles about Debian in the more 'mainstream' press and (3) how-to's and guides from the not-so-established sites (ie, often I don't post articles from debian-administration as I use the feed from the site instead).

Talking about smaller items, it could perhaps be the items carried in the DWN newsletters or other matters happening within the Debian community - this could be based on the blogs from Debian Planet. Also resumes of discussions on the maillists could be a potential source of news items.

There are also found a lot of other gems in the maillists, but they are a bit harder to find...

Best Regards

Christian Jensen


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