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Re: Intro WWW pages

* James A. Treacy <treacy@debian.org> [011213 11:03]:
> Hmm. the person that wrote the following has no attribution in the mail
> I'm responding to.

Hi James,

That was me.  Kyle missed the attribution.

> > > One of the biggest publicity items for Debian is it's website, however
> > > the very important /intro/ section seems less than complete to me.  I 
> > > intend to help out in this area and I wanted to see if there are others 
> > > that would like to help as well and discuss some ideas.
> > > 
> > > First, the /intro pages seem like a good place to summarize the project 
> > > and how it works.  The "Reasons to Choose Debian" is a nice list but I
> > > feel the top three or four items should be chosen to Frame the discussion.
> The place to discuss the web site is on debian-www.

I was interested in another perspective and to see how active the other
mail list was.  I was also hoping to get a discussion and perspective
from those with less technical background and perhaps more experience in
publicity related issues.  No disrespect intended.

> Before people jump into details, any reorganization needs to start by
> looking at the big picture. We need to look at how typical users use the
> site and make sure we serve them. IMO, that means newbies, people with
> linux/unix experience and developers.
> Much of the same goes for the intro section. There is a lot of material
> there (and more that can be added). If the organization is not well
> thought out in advance, it is unlikely to be an improvement on what is
> already there.

I agree, this shouldn't be done haphazardly.  I was trying to get a more
concrete suggestion worked out about the content before moving on
through the process and bringing it to this list.  I think it's great if
both lists participate.  I probably should have cc'd it myself.

-- Grant Bowman                                   <grantbow@svpal.org>

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