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Re: Intro WWW pages

> One of the biggest publicity items for Debian is it's website, however
> the very important /intro/ section seems less than complete to me.  I 
> intend to help out in this area and I wanted to see if there are
> that would like to help as well and discuss some ideas.
> First, the /intro pages seem like a good place to summarize the
> and how it works.  The "Reasons to Choose Debian" is a nice list but I
> feel the top three or four items should be chosen to Frame the
I think you are right and the reasons to choose debian GNU/Linux should
be a key part of the home page. these are what I think should be the
main points:

Debian gives you control.
	Debian installs by default only the basic programs  Allowing you 	to
decide what you need.  Including a powerful update program 	allowing you
to easily upgade and add new programs from a wide range 	of packages.
Debian is committed to freedom
	Giving the you the option of many packages made availbe for free
	download but letting you know when your rights are 	restricted.Source
code availibilty
	Debian is based off the same core of the other distribution and 	their
best packages are ported to debian.
Security and Stability

The thing that sold me on debian was apt-get, the huge amount of
software that I can just download and not have to go pay a $100 for, and
the power of only runnig thing I want to run.  So I want to focus on
those points
	Also I think we need to aim for people coming off the windows platform

	Hope this helps.

					Kyle Waters

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