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Is Linux taking on a B.Gates approach to sales?

       Leader and publicity agent,
    Please excuse me for not noting your names as I wrote down your

Hopefully this won't be lengthy, I'm sure your all very busy.  Just note
that if you have ?'s
I will happily respond.

        I purchased Debian GNU Linux a year ago with a New Riders text.
After a blitz of
pseudo advertising in the local news papers.  Pseudo ( referring to
Linux articles that men-
tioned the soon to be release Linux for $20.00 / $19.95.   I couldn't
wait so I went searching
for the software and found what I ended up with a Border's book store.
When I went to
the web site a few months later I found that I didn't get one of the
game CD's as well with
my release.  So I enquired about that.  That is when I found I had a
release by another
source.  Should have been my first clue.  Company just popped in so to
the point.

       I have worked through your support group for a couple months.
But when I mention
scsi problem the help drops to 0.  So I went to the web site where I
notice everything re-
quires you sign in, WHY?

       I found out that Debian 2.2 is supposed to resolve my problem.
But, is it?  Or is this
the B.G. tactic I referred to, i.e. lead with faulty software so they
have to keep comming
back.  I notice Red Hat had promo that gave you/us an evaluation pkg.
for $5.00 and
Caldera offerred a different deal with a different pre-release - name
skips my mind -
for $0.00.  The price is right but again if you are given a Bic razor
whos blades are you
going to buy?              Getting disillusioned,  Ed

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