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Re: Debian GNU/Linux 2.2, the "Joel 'Espy' Klecker" release

Joey, I don't really mind that you went in and reworded parts of the press
release at the last minute, but did you have to add TYPOES!?

/me handes Joey ispell

Martin Schulze wrote:
> ------------------------------------------------------------------------
> The Debian Project                                      press@debian.org
> http://www.debian.org/                                    Martin Schulze
> August 15th, 2000
> ------------------------------------------------------------------------
> Debian GNU/Linux 2.2, the "Joel 'Espy' Klecker" release
> The Debian Project is pleased to announce the latest release of the
> Debian GNU/Linux Operating System.  This release has been in
> development for approximately 18 months, and has been extensively
> tested by several thousand developers and end-users.
> Debian GNU/Linux is a free Linux system.  It is developed by roughly
> 500 voluntees from all over the world who collaborate via the
> Internet.  Debian's dedication to free software, its non-profit
> nature, and its open development model make it unique among Linux
> distributions.
> With the addition of the PowerPC and ARM architectures, Debian
> GNU/Linux now supports a total of six architectures -- more than any
> other distribution.  Packages for all architectures are built from the
> same source packages.  Debian GNU/Linux now runs on iMacs and
> Netwinders, and of course Intel PC's, Sun SPARCs, Alphas, and older
> Macintosh and Amiga hardware are still supported.

Er, my latest version had "continue to be fully supported" here.

Anyway, is someone getting something up on the website today?

see shy jo, who belives life is too short to spell-check, EXCEPT
            for release announcements.

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