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Re: First draft (was Re: we need a release announcement -- soon [source material])

On Aug 07, Joey Hess wrote:
> Thanks for doing this, Chris.
> Chris Lawrence wrote:
> >    Perhaps the most interesting social change since Debian 2.1 has been
> >    the adoption of the Debian system as a basis for commercial Linux
> >    distributions. Corel, Stormix Technologies, and VA Linux Systems are
> >    among the companies that currently distribute distributions based on
> >    Debian;
> I'll post another message with some suggestions tomorrow but right now,
> with my VA hat on: VA does not intend to produce a Debian derived
> distribution, but rather is committed to promoting Debian itself. The 
> changes to the distribution in the boxed set produced by VA were very
> minor, and all of said changes are rolled back into potato.
> So it'd probably be a good idea to remove VA from that list, or reword
> it. I think there are a couple other commerical distro's out there of
> lesser name recognition if two are too few.

Yes, I just couldn't think of their names (I could think of Progeny
and Transmeta's Mobile Linux, but they're unreleased at this point).

Libranet?  Anyone else?


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