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Re: First draft (was Re: we need a release announcement -- soon [source material])

Thanks for doing this, Chris.

Chris Lawrence wrote:
>    Perhaps the most interesting social change since Debian 2.1 has been
>    the adoption of the Debian system as a basis for commercial Linux
>    distributions. Corel, Stormix Technologies, and VA Linux Systems are
>    among the companies that currently distribute distributions based on
>    Debian;

I'll post another message with some suggestions tomorrow but right now,
with my VA hat on: VA does not intend to produce a Debian derived
distribution, but rather is committed to promoting Debian itself. The 
changes to the distribution in the boxed set produced by VA were very
minor, and all of said changes are rolled back into potato.

So it'd probably be a good idea to remove VA from that list, or reword
it. I think there are a couple other commerical distro's out there of
lesser name recognition if two are too few.

see shy jo

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