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Debian Paraphinalia

This is something I've been meaning to get off the ground for a while... 
anyone interested in working on this?  The letter is one I had drawn up, and 
it should be ready to send out, just need to figure out where.


------- Forwarded Message

> Dear Vendor-
>   I am contacting you on behalf of Debian GNU/Linux <http://www.debian.org>.
>  We are interested in establishing a possible long term relationship with a
> vendor who can provide shirts and other similar items (possibly mouse pads,
> mugs, jackets, keychains, etc.).    We are operating on a not for profit
> basis, and are looking for a vendor who can manufacture and sell these items
> and give a portion of the profits back to Debian.
> We are looking for a variety of different services to serve our needs.  I
> will explain what they are and why they are necessary for us.
> - bulk orders
>   When we are represented at conventions, trade shows, etc. we want to give
> away t-shirts to some of the attendees or sell them at a low cost.  Several
> CD distribution vendors (both in the US and internationally) have expressed
> interest in buying t-shirts in bulk and reselling them locally, giving the
> profits to Debian.
> - individual orders
>   As we are an Internet based volunteer organization, we can not carry an
> inventory and related services (sales and shipping, namely).  We would want
> the vendor to be able to sell small quantities (1-5) to individuals,
> preferably world wide.
> - quick turnaround
>   Sometimes events come up suddenly and shirts etc. are needed quickly.
> There should always be 1-2 weeks (if not more) notice before bulk orders
> - profit sharing
>   The profits that the vendor makes from the sale of the items should be
> shared with Debian.  The percentage is negotiable.
> - artwork
>   Debian will provide the artwork and designs in electronic format
> If you are interested in such an arrangement, please contact me at
> lohner@debian.org and we can discuss this further.  I believe that there is
> the potential for a good deal of business here- there are approximately 400
> people involved in the organization, and the user base is quite large- I
> don't have exact numbers, but we are the #2 or #3 Linux distribution.

------- End of Forwarded Message

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