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Re: Slide show?

Tough questions... I think we'll need to think about this a little.

In message <199905250414.OAA24727@murlibobo.cs.mu.OZ.AU>, Robert Graham 
>Nils, I'd like to tackle putting together these slides.
>1) Precisely what level am I pitching these slides at?  Can I mention the 
>word "kernel" without having to explain it, for instance?

I think two levels may be good- Joe Debian goes to talk to a LUG or similar 
technical meeting where you can mention quite a few technical details (high 
level, nothing too low level or specific probably) and then the Joe Debian 
goes to talk to end users w/o much of a clue (i.e. more of a marketing level 

I don't think that there will be too much of a gap between the two so one or 
the other should cover pretty much any 'generic' audience that people may 
present to.

>2) Do you want notes to go with the slides, or will just slides do?

Notes are probably a good idea, as people can add to them over time, and 
will have an easier time presenting the slides.  They'll also give ideas as 
to what examples to mention, what tangents might be useful for some 
audiences, etc.  I think notes are good.

>3) Does it matter if the slides are prepared using non-free software?

Not to me personally, but I'm sure it will to some people :)  

>4) What format would you like them in? 

I think some generic format would be good.  We need to be able to do the 
- slide presentations from a laptop 
- print them for handouts and transparencies
- email them 
- easily be able to edit/change them

So probably a PS or maybe Acrobat like format?  I really don't know, I'd ask 
around what would work well for this sort of thing.

Anyone else have ideas/comments?


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