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Debian Paraphinalia

Dear Nils,

> This is something I've been meaning to get off the ground for a
> while... anyone interested in working on this?  The letter is one I had
> drawn up, and it should be ready to send out, just need to figure out
> where.

I love it ... and have some proposals as well as a few suggestions.

As for proposals a candidate for doing this is the "Un*x Fan Shop" that
(among other things) makes "TuX the Lion" used by TUG (the TeX Users Group
where I am involved).  They're under <http://www.freibergnet.de/>; I have
attached a message revealing a contact TUG has used.

As for suggestions:

>> I believe that there is the potential for a good deal of business here-
>> there are approximately 400 people involved in the organization, and the
>> user base is quite large- I don't have exact numbers, but we are the #2
>> or #3 Linux distribution.

I suggest this is replaced with

I believe that there is the potential for a good deal of business here --
in the statistics Debian is the #2 or #3 Linux distribution (Red Hat is #1) 
apart from the more than 400 Debian developers that are likely to be
interested straight away.

Best regards,
Kristoffer Høgsbro Rose, phd, prof.associé  <http://www.ens-lyon.fr/~krisrose>
addr. LIP, Ecole Normale Supérieure de Lyon, 46 Allée d'Italie, F-69364 Lyon 7
phone +33(0)4 7272 8642, fax +33(0)4 7272 8080   <Kristoffer.Rose@ENS-Lyon.FR>
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Karl Berry writes:

() This mail should probably go to office@tug.org.  Dick and Kiren, you can
() just collect the orders and if enough come in, can make a bulk order
() from Liebscher & Partners to have some on hand.  Otherwise can just
() fulfill the orders.

As Martin Schr"oder stated before, the price is about 55 DEM. This
consists of shipping & handling, and VAT. For U. S. orders, we don't
have to pay VAT, but shipping is more expensive. For bulk orders
greater than, let's say 20, we can offer the lion for about 45 DEM,
perhaps something less (I will check that when I'm back at work on
Monday), adding shipping costs. Shipping makes at least about 40 DEM
as the base price + about 5 DM per kilogram of weight. About 2 lions
make 1 kg, I think (or less, I simply haven't checked that yet), so
the more lions are in one parcel the less are the shipping costs for
each. (For example, if you take 30 lions, there will probably be 2 DEM
shipping costs for one.)

As we can only charge credit cards in DEM, we will bill that way. That
means, your price will depend on the USD/DEM exchange rate. We usually
calculate 1.70 DEM for $1, although that may be somewhat high, but
will leave enough room for some up/down tendencies. We accept Visa,
Euro-/Mastercard. Visa says they are working on USD billing from
Germany, but it will take still some months until it can be used from
every customer. You can order by e-mail to me, if you want. I can give
you my PGP public key for encrypting purpose, you may also find it on
the PGP key servers.


Liebscher & Partner Werbeagentur GbR    //                    Martin Welk
Advertising, Art Design & DTP          //          network administration
Xlink Point Of Presence Freiberg      //      phone: (+49|0) 3731 781-387
Am St. Niclas Schacht 13             //         fax: (+49|0) 3731 781-377
D-09599 Freiberg, Germany           //         http://www.freibergnet.de/

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