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Re: *** Draft 7 - Press Release ***

On Thu, 21 Jan 1999, Kyle R. Rose wrote:
> * With compatibility for BSD and Windows NT filesystems, Linux 2.2 helps
>   you leverage your existing UNIX and NT data today. SAMBA
>   <http://www.samba.org> enables NT sharing from Linux. Linux 2.2 provides you
>   with a strong upgrade path from your present Windows NT systems tomorrow.
> Though I would clear up the SAMBA bit.  Maybe, "SAMBA...allows Linux servers to
> masquerade as NT servers to other Windows clients" or something like that.  Every
> time I heard samba described by someone at work, that is the way they would
> describe it.

That somehow makes it sound like it's slow at doing NT 'emulation'. Fact
is, Linux + Samba is faster then NT. There are a couple of papers that
show it. We need to let people know this: Linux is a better NT server then
NT server.

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