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Re: *** Draft 7 - Press Release ***

> > Though I would clear up the SAMBA bit.  Maybe, "SAMBA...allows Linux servers to
> > masquerade as NT servers to other Windows clients" or something like that.  Every
> > time I heard samba described by someone at work, that is the way they would
> > describe it.
> That somehow makes it sound like it's slow at doing NT 'emulation'. Fact
> is, Linux + Samba is faster then NT. There are a couple of papers that
> show it. We need to let people know this: Linux is a better NT server then
> NT server.

I would then make it clearer _and_ insert something about its speediness.  Right now,
it (meaning "SAMBA enables NT sharing from Linux") seems unclear (e.g., which is the
server?  Are the Linux boxen the clients, or is the Linux box acting as the
NT server?  I don't think most people, even NT admins, know that Windows
NT filesharing/printsharing = "SMB," and PHB's definitely won't know) and doesn't
really tout the speediness you are referring to.


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