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Re: PR about slink

Lalo Martins wrote:
> > This is the first release of debian to include apt, and it's now our
> > preferred dselect method, and so we can hype it a bit. (Apt was used to
> > upgrade to 2.0, but wasn't actually in the distribution proper.) We
> > shouldn't hype it too much, as the press release for 2.0 already mentioned
> > it some.
> IMHO we should, because apt now supports multiple CDs and I

It does?  The latest news I heard about this is that it doesn't support
this.  I might be mistaken since I didn't paid much attention.

However this would mean that you would also have to mention dpkg-multicd
since it's the first method supporting multiple cd installation - however
I don't feel that it is such a major package that it needs mentioning.

It should be mentiojned that slink won't fit on a single cd and it supports
installations from multiple cd-roms.



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