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Re: PR about slink

Martin Schulze wrote:
> What shall I list about apt?

This is the first release of debian to include apt, and it's now our
preferred dselect method, and so we can hype it a bit. (Apt was used to
upgrade to 2.0, but wasn't actually in the distribution proper.) We
shouldn't hype it too much, as the press release for 2.0 already mentioned
it some.

> Lintian is only a package checker for development use.  The enduser won't
> notice it.

People are bound to be interested in things that make debian a better
quality, more consitent distribution, and lintian does. Like the BTS, it's
another internal tool we have made public, and it's probably an idea that is
unique to the debian distribution. This highlights our emphasis on quality.

see shy jo

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