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Re: Question concerning InstallFest

Hi Nils,

Boy, thanks for getting back to me!

On Thu, 5 Nov 1998, Nils Lohner wrote:
>   If we have someone down there, we'd definitely want to do something there. 
>  How soon do we have to act on this?  Can it wait until the end of next 
> week?

Yes, we've gotten a late start ourselves.  We're pretty well organized
now, however.  We're having informal meetings near campus each Monday
evening between now and then to finalize stuff.  It can wait.  I'll
send you more info when it's available.

> I'm in the process of getting some events pages put together, and 
> would like them up before I ask for support as they'll make coordinating 
> this sort of thing a lot easier.

Good.  Let me know if I can give you some input or help out.  I'm usually
swamped with work, but generally can squeeze in a few home hours to do

> Can you please send me more info on this?  Something along the lines of
> What is it?
> Where is it?
> When is it?
> Is there a URL?
> What else is going on there?

Here goes:

The Linux/Unix Users' Group of Virginia Tech, located in Blacksburg, Va.,
is holding a Linux/*BSD InstallFest.  We'll be installing from 10:30 AM
till 3:30 PM on Saturday, December 5th, 1998.  The InstallFest will be
located in Brush Mountain Room B in Squires Student Center (the university
student union building, a.k.a. SUB) on the campus of Virginia Tech.

After the InstallFest is over, we'll be holding a networked Quake demo
with the Va. Tech Gaming Association while others clean up.  Everything 
must be over and done with and gone by 5:30 PM.

Everyone is welcome to watch or play Quake after 3:30 PM, but until then
we'll only admit people getting or working on installations.  There will
be security at the door (I'm in charge of that :^), so expect to have to
show some ID when you check in with your hardware.  We want to protect
your computer and ours from theft or tampering.

We plan to install Debian, Red Hat, Slackware, perhaps SuSE and/or
Caldera, and also FreeBSD, with perhaps NetBSD or OpenBSD if there is
demand.  We have installation experts for the above lined up already, as
well as most of the networking and server hardware we'll need to pull
this off.

We expect to serve between 15 and 21 installs in five hours.  We're
intentionally planning for a modest number here since this is an Alpha
InstallFest (our first for everybody involved except one).  We want to
get the OS installed along with apps such as Netscape, Midnight Commander,
and easy dial-up networking apps (we're thinking of chat scripting right
now, although we might do xisp).  We need to teach basic start-up,
shut-down, and sysadmin procedures and the basic use of X and the
dial-up modem connection before we shoo people out the door to play
with their new OS :^)

There is no URL as of now, but that will be fixed by next week when
our webmaster will have a few free moments.  Our current crappy web
site (master) is located at http://www.vt.edu:10021/org/linux/.

Pre-registration is *mandatory* and can be done in person or by
downloading the application/waiver form from the web site (once it's
up) and e-mailing it in.  The application contact person is Rob Nelson
<ronelson@vt.edu>.  I'm the secondary contact, Clemmitt Sigler
<csigler@vt.edu>.  No pre-registration, no installation, no exceptions.
We have to know what hardware and how many installs to expect.  We
will turn away overflow crowds and point them to our Spring InstallFest.

For directions, email Rob or myself.  Generally, we're located about
35 miles SW of Roanoke, Virginia, about 50 miles east of Bluefiled, West
Virginia, and about 200 miles ENE of Knoxville, Tennessee.  We're located
conveniently close to US Interstate 81, on US Route 460.  Check out
www.mapsonus.com to pull up maps of the region around Blacksburg, Va.

Let me know what else you want to know.  Thanks a whole bunch!

					Clemmitt Sigler
					Linux/Unix Users' Group
						of Virginia Tech

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