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Re: Question concerning InstallFest

  If we have someone down there, we'd definitely want to do something there. 
 How soon do we have to act on this?  Can it wait until the end of next 
week?  I'm in the process of getting some events pages put together, and 
would like them up before I ask for support as they'll make coordinating 
this sort of thing a lot easier.
  Can you please send me more info on this?  Something along the lines of
What is it?
Where is it?
When is it?
Is there a URL?
What else is going on there?

I'll add that to the events section as it gets created.
Thanks for the info!


In message <[🔎] Pine.OSF.4.05.9811051559160.14949-100000@alphamb2.phys.vt.edu>, 
mmitt Sigler writes:
>Our users' group (Linux/Unix Users' Group of Virginia Tech) is having
>an on-campus InstallFest on Saturday, December 5th.  One of our members
>has a contact at Red Hat, and they currently plan to send a rep to
>the IF.
>Since I'm a Debian advocate, I said I'd contact "someone" in Debian to
>see if a Debian rep. could come to the IF.  Now, given that Debian is
>a non-profit venture I imagine that such a thing may not be as easy
>as it is for Red Hat :^)  However, I heard there was a Debian booth at
>ALS, so I thought I'd just ask.
>Can anybody give me some feedback on this?  TIA.
>					Clemmitt Sigler
>					Linux/Unix Users' Group
>						of Virginia Tech
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