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Help with events and news

I have been getting swamped with real work lately, and don't have that much 
time to put into Debian at present.  I am looking for someone who would like 
to help with the events section and with the debian-news mailing list.  Both 
of these were started recently (in the last few months) and are now well in 
place and there isn't really much to do except post to them and write small 
wml pages (basically fill in a template).  Here's what's involved:

- debian-news
  Look around the net occasionally for debian being used, for articles/books 
about debian, debian included with magazines etc. and post it to 
debian-news.  Most of the articles I have posted I have either stumbles 
across, or people have mailed to press@debian.org

- events
  Keep an eye open for events around the linux community and write them up 
in wml format. All of the templates are in place, and writing up an event 
takes about 10 minutes, max.  Events should also get posted to debian-news, 
but I haven't started doing this yet.

It would be a great help if someone could do this.  Both are very valuable 
(debian-news has over 1200 subscribers already, and the events section is 
something that I haven't seen anywhere else on the net) and not hard to 


Nils Lohner				E-Mail: lohner@debian.org
Debian Press Contact                    Press:  press@debian.org

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