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Re: Debian Partners Program

Fuller Seminary (http://www.fuller.edu) is using Debian for networking its
large Campus Network (1400 dialup uses, 400 machines) and has always been
supporting the Debian Project through mirrors, news service
(news://news.fuller.edu) and a special upload site
(http://debs.fuller.edu) etc. We also run secondary DNS services for the
Debian domains. Do we qualify?

On Tue, 27 Oct 1998, Nils Lohner wrote:

> Here's something Ean and I have been thinking about for a little while... a 
> 'Debian Partners Program.'  Basically it provides recognition for the 
> companies and organizations that help us out, and also will help us get our 
> name out into the world more easily.  The partners program will help get 
> Debian some more name recognition, more donations, and more support from 
> vendors in general.  The basic gist of it is at <http://master.debian.org/~lo
> hner/partners.html>  Please take a look at it and send me comments.
> My plan is to discuss and revise it for about a week, get some web pages 
> created (the week after), and then approach companies about it (middle of 
> November).  There are a lot of ALS contacts that we should follow up with 
> soon, and having this in place will help our efforts to get donations etc. 
> from them.
> Nils.
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