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Debian Partners Program

Here's something Ean and I have been thinking about for a little while... a 
'Debian Partners Program.'  Basically it provides recognition for the 
companies and organizations that help us out, and also will help us get our 
name out into the world more easily.  The partners program will help get 
Debian some more name recognition, more donations, and more support from 
vendors in general.  The basic gist of it is at <http://master.debian.org/~lo
hner/partners.html>  Please take a look at it and send me comments.

My plan is to discuss and revise it for about a week, get some web pages 
created (the week after), and then approach companies about it (middle of 
November).  There are a lot of ALS contacts that we should follow up with 
soon, and having this in place will help our efforts to get donations etc. 
from them.


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