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Re: Debian Partners Program

Christoph, I think that sounds like a possible service partner.  Please get 
back to me once I officially announce the program, that'll be a few weeks 
away still.  There are still some details (actually quite a few) to be 
ironed out.

Thanks, Nils.

In message <[🔎] Pine.LNX.4.03.9810280716200.15987-100000@lameter.com>, Christoph 
meter writes:
>Fuller Seminary (http://www.fuller.edu) is using Debian for networking its
>large Campus Network (1400 dialup uses, 400 machines) and has always been
>supporting the Debian Project through mirrors, news service
>(news://news.fuller.edu) and a special upload site
>(http://debs.fuller.edu) etc. We also run secondary DNS services for the
>Debian domains. Do we qualify?

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