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[unit@lgcy.com: Focus On Linux: Best of the Net]

Sent to webmaster. YAA (Yet another award). The original message
has as attachments the graphic they want to add to our page pointing
back to their site, but I doubt anyone is interested in that.

Jay Treacy

----- Forwarded message from Aron Hsiao <unit@lgcy.com> -----

Delivered-To: webmaster@debian.org
From: Aron Hsiao <unit@lgcy.com>
Reply-To: unit@lgcy.com
To: webmaster@debian.org
Subject: Focus On Linux: Best of the Net
Date: Tue, 20 Oct 1998 11:35:56 -0600

Hello, Debian Project.

There are good sites within the Linux community, there are great sites
within the Linux community, and there are absolutely _invaluable_
sites within the Linux community.

Your site has made our cut - The Mining Co., one of the most popular
destinations on the Internet, is pleased to present you with our
'Best of the Net' award through our child site, Focus On Linux.
The Mining Co. can be found at http://www.miningco.com; Focus On Linux
can be found at http://linux.miningco.com.

Of the many hundreds of Linux sites we index, spanning some
thirty-five community-oriented site categories, a total of ten
(10) sites will recieve the "Best of the Net" award, placing your site
without question in the top 1% of Linux sites on the Internet. The
Focus on Linux Best of the Net award is given semiannually at the end
of April and at the end of October.

Please accept this award as a thank you for an excellent contribution
to the Linux community and to the open-source/free software
movement. If you choose to display this award on your site, it would
be appreciated if you would link the award back to us at The Mining
Co. using the following (or similar) code:

<a href="http://linux.miningco.com";><img src="bon_oct.gif"
width=83 height=72 alt="The Mining Co.: Focus on Linux 'Best of
the Net' award." border=0></a><p>

Or, if you prefer not to host the attached image locally:

<a href="http://linux.miningco.com";><img
width=83 height=72 alt="The Mining Co.: Focus on Linux 'Best of
the Net' award." border=0></a><p>

Once again, congratulations on an excellent Linux community resource!

Best Wishes,
Aron Hsiao
The Mining Co. Guide to Focus on Linux

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