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Re: German press release sent via mail

On Jul 24, Martin Schulze decided to present us with:
> Hi,
> this is a progress report of the PR work that I've done tonight after
> hamm finally got released.  I've sent the german translation of our
> press release that can be found at http://www.debian.org/~joey/pr/2.0/press.de.txt
> via mail to the following magazines:

> Note to the translators:  Please don't hesitate and submit the
> press release to appropriate news papers and online magazines
> you are aware of.

Too bad I was away from the net yesterday and only saw the PR
when it was ready. This PR isn't bad, but it's somewhat targeted
at GNU/Linux users. Mentioning "GIMP, gcc, egcs", "all the
favourites", "libc5" and "libc6", and lots of other things, is
too cryptic for the average reader of such magazines and papers.
And therefore, it won't make it to the news sections.

Maybe we should have one PR for "people who have a clue" and
other one for the "clueless"? It can't be called a PRESS-release
if press-people can't parse it. I for one don't feel at ease to
post this to the highly-clueless end-users mags we have around
here like Byte Brasil, PCMag Brasil, Info-Exame etc, and even
the not-so-clueless Internet World Brasil. I mean, what does an
editor who never used GNU/Linux want with something named

[Just so that Linus doesn't come here and call me a "whiner", I
must say I would be glad to help writing such a "clueless"
version of the PR.]

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