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German press release sent via mail


this is a progress report of the PR work that I've done tonight after
hamm finally got released.  I've sent the german translation of our
press release that can be found at http://www.debian.org/~joey/pr/2.0/press.de.txt
via mail to the following magazines:

 . Linux Magazin
 . c't
 . iX
 . WebMaster
 . Gateway
 . PC Professional
 . PC Magazin (frueher DOS)
 . PC Praxis
 . PC Intern
 . PC Online
 . Computerwoche
 . Internet Intern
 . Internet World
 . Adventure

And I've sent it to the following CD vendors:

 . JF Lehmanns
 . Christian Schwarz
 . Linux Shop Frank CDROM

I'm going to send the press release via fax to the same and some more
news papers tomorrow.  I first need to write some letter around it
and re-set it in LaTeX and I guess I should get some sleep now as it
gets light again outside.

If you think I missed something, please let me know.

CQ, I hope you've done similar things to the american addresses?

Note to the translators:  Please don't hesitate and submit the
press release to appropriate news papers and online magazines
you are aware of.



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