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Re: What's left to do for Hamm ?

> > * the official CDs are managed by Philip Hands and are improving all
> > the time ;-)
> > 
> I think we could use another mirror or two. Also, it would be a good idea
> if we made sure that the vendors had good access to the CD images.
> They have a huge backlog of orders they want to fill. Since a lot of
> people are depending on them, they should get priority on access.

I've given access to the rsync server to a few vendors already.

Also, Sunsite UK is mirroring the images:


which means there is little reason for the ``public'' to be interested in
getting access to the master site (since Imperial College has bucket loads of 
more bandwidth than my machine)

More mirrors in the states would be good, but people have started volunteering 
now that I've made access to the master images conditional on doing so (or 
being a vendor ;-)

I guess an announcement on debian-cd telling vendors to ask me for access,
before they need it, would be a good idea.  (there is a debian-cd list for cd 
vendors, right ?)

Cheers, Phil.

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