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Re: [meder@isr.uni-stuttgart.de: What's left to do for Hamm ?]

In message <[🔎] 19980717154223.J1058@chris.isr.uni-stuttgart.de>, Christian 
Meder w
>I'm just contemplating what needs to be done before release:

>* the press release: Nils Lohner manages press releases, Jay Treacy
>manages the website. Is there a prototype for the press release
>available ?
  I was going to use Brian White's Beta announcement as a prototype and work 
from there.  I'll post one beginning of next week.

>* artwork for the official CD: we have got a logo. Do we want some
>artwork for the CD-Cover ? Perhaps we can ask tigert ?
  If I come across some spare time I may try to throw something together... 
I'll post a URL if I do.


>				Christian

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