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Re: What's left to do for Hamm ?

> * the official CDs are managed by Philip Hands and are improving all
> the time ;-)
I think we could use another mirror or two. Also, it would be a good idea
if we made sure that the vendors had good access to the CD images.
They have a huge backlog of orders they want to fill. Since a lot of
people are depending on them, they should get priority on access.

> * artwork for the official CD: we have got a logo. Do we want some
> artwork for the CD-Cover ? Perhaps we can ask tigert ?
It is probably too late for that. We should start on the artwork for the
next release asap.

> Anything else ?
One thing we've missed in the past is a list of errata for the release.
If one is compiled, I'll put it on the web pages.

Jay Treacy

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