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Re: I've had enough.

  I just got back and was looking forward to doing some work on
the ad. This is not what I was expecting to find.

As the person who got you involved in this, I must apologize on
behalf of Debian. This persons behavior is inexcusable. By sending
such an abusive letter through private mail they are preventing
the developers (I hope I am safe in assuming that this person is
not a developer) from letting them know we do not approve of
such childish behavior.

While the open nature of our mailing lists is one of Debian's
assets, it does allow any bozo off the street to cause trouble.
I hope you will not let this be a reflection on Debian, just as
people saying stupid things in the name of Linux shouldn't reflect
negatively on it.

Jay Treacy

P.S. I would appreciate it if you send me the persons name and
email address. If they are not a developer I will quietly delete
the mail. If they are, I would like to bring this to debian-private
as I feel this is grounds for removing a developer.

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