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LJ ad update

Let's keep the momentum going!

It appears we now have 4 attempts to look at now.
I'll list them here with some comments. People should
start rating their preferences so we can come to a consensus
on which style to go with. We will then polish that one
off so we can get this over with. :)

This is the last version by Will I have seen. He reported on IRC
that another version was ready, but I don't have the number
and his web site isn't responding.
   people seem to favor 21.jpg over 23.jpg
   references to Apache should be replaced with 'web servers'
   change the bottom to 'Debian 2 - Get it Today'

Frederik Ax has made some variations of Will's design.
The second version is the favored one of his.
   needs reference to Apache removed. A suggested replacement is
       web servers (with CGI and PHP3)
   several window managers -> nearly all window managers
          or (added by me) -> many window managers
   Debian -> Debian 2

He may be 'evil', but Ean has a nack for this. The first
entry on the page is the contender here.
   replace the 'D' with the Debian logo (for those who don't know
      Ean is not a fan of the logo). I'd like to see one version with
      the logo in b+w and one with it in color.
   http://www.opencorp.com -> http://www.debian.org/vendors
   I think the slogan 'Only Debian ... let's you be the developer'
      will tend to alienate many lusers. We want to tout our
      technical superiority and our ease of use. How about
      'Making Linux easier through innovation'
      Bad news is, innovation (or variations) is used twice in the ad.

Comment: (just made by me)
   If you are going to remove the text from the image, remove it all
   the way - shrink the image enough to let if fit between the top
   bottom text.

Finally, Jay's preferences:
Note: I consider Frederik's images to be modifications of Will's. I
refer to Frederik's images below, since I can't access Will's site.
It's currently between http://www.df.lth.se/~fax/debianad/v0.02
and http://www.novare.net/~ean/debads.html . I don't have a problem
with the symmetry of Frederik's/Will's which Havoc is concerned with.

If forced to choose at this time I'd go with Ean's. I really like the

I am leaving town again today (Wednesday) until Saturday or Sunday.
Let's decide on which style is preferred and then make the last
corrections to it. Hopefully that means only 2 more iterations. :)
Send in your preferences!

Jay Treacy

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