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Linux Journal (fwd)

This is looking good folks. When I wrote to LJ asking about
advertising rates, I asked if it was possible for us to get
a discount. I explained that we would understand if this couldn't
be done (for the reasons she mentions below). Her response
was much more positive than I imagined.

What we need now is for someone to volunteer to do the work they
ask. The one proviso is that if we agree to do this, the work
HAS to be done in a timely manner or our reputation with them
will be destroyed. Igor has mentioned to me (on IRC) that he
can probably do it, but I'm sure he wouldn't mind someone else
doing it or at least a helper so don't be shy.

I have written back to her asking what the rate is for 1/2 and
1/4 page ads. It can't hurt to know what this is worth.

Also, I asked for information on what format they want for
submissions. If anyone has ideas for the ad, please start a
new thread and let's get working on it!

Jay Treacy

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From: Carlie Fairchild <carlie@ssc.com>
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Subject: Linux Journal
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Date: Mon, 8 Jun 1998 15:07:51 -0700 (PDT)
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Hi Jay,

Sorry for not getting back to you right away. We had to figure out what
might work best for everyone in regards to a Debian ad in Linux Journal.
(Which we would love to see!)

As we we very much want to treat all advertisers fairly/the same, we
were having a tough time figuring how we could justify giving Debian 
a discount/free ad. However, after much thought, we came up with the
following proposal. Let me know what you think. 

As you may know, we have been maintaining Linux Installation and
Getting Started. We would love it if you (or someone on the Debian
team) would update chapters 4 and 5 of LIGS so that the chapters
deal with the new installer. In return, we would be willing to give
you two free 1/2pg ads in Linux Journal. Of course this only covers
two ads, but I'm sure there is something we can work out in the
future. What do you think? We're very open for suggesstions.

Looking forward to your response!

Best Regards,
 Carlie Fairchild,  carlie@ssc.com      P.O. Box 55549 Seattle, WA 98155 
 Marketing and Sales                    Ph: (206) 782-7733
 Linux Journal magazine                 Fx: (206) 782-7191 
 www.linuxjournal.com                   www.linuxresources.com   

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