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IrcII License Issues

Debian GNU/Linux
IrcII License Issues
June 8, 1998

Michael Sandrof, Troy Rollo, and Matthew Green are putting the ircII code
under a BSD-like license (without the advertising clause), retroactive
to all versions of ircII, past and present.  This action is to remove
any doubt as to whether ircII is Open Source.

This change was prompted by the Debian project, which requires all
software in its main distribution to pass the Debian Free Software
Guidelines.  Several members of the project noted that the license
was ambiguous in places as to whether modified versions could be
distributed, and an effort was made to contact the past and present
developers of ircII, Michael Sandrof, Troy Rollo and Matthew Green,
in order to clarify the situation.  This effort was successful, and the
three agreed to retroactively assign a modified BSD license to the code
to remove any doubt.

The Debian project thanks James Troup and Igor Grobman for pointing out
this problem, David Welton for taking the time to contact and query the
ircII developers about the license, and, most of all, Michael Sandrof,
Troy Rollo and Matthew Green, both for creating such a great piece
of software in the first place, and for taking the time to deal with
this issue.

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Debian's stance on free software is presented in the Social Contract,
which incorporates the Debian Free Software Guidelines. This can be
found at <http://www.debian.org/social_contract.html>. Background
information on free software may be found at the the Free Software
Foundation's web site <http://www.fsf.org/>, or the Open Source home
page <http://www.opensource.org/>.

IrcII is distributed from <ftp://ircii.warped.com/pub/ircII/>. The new
license may be found as:

Anthony Towns <ajt@debian.org>
On behalf of Debian GNU/Linux

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