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Re: Linux Journal (fwd)

Some time around  Sat, 13 Jun 1998 00:10:48 EDT, 
         "James A.Treacy" wrote:
 > This is looking good folks. When I wrote to LJ asking about
 > advertising rates, I asked if it was possible for us to get
 > a discount. I explained that we would understand if this couldn't
 > be done (for the reasons she mentions below). Her response
 > was much more positive than I imagined.
wow! I am impressed.  I suspect this positive response has to do with their 
move to Debian a year or so ago.  It's always nice to know that Debian is 

 > What we need now is for someone to volunteer to do the work they
 > ask. The one proviso is that if we agree to do this, the work
 > HAS to be done in a timely manner or our reputation with them
 > will be destroyed. Igor has mentioned to me (on IRC) that he
 > can probably do it, but I'm sure he wouldn't mind someone else
 > doing it or at least a helper so don't be shy.

Yes, please don't be shy :).  I probably won't get around to it till the 
middle of next week, and I'd rather someone else do it, as I have many other 
Debian things to catch up to.

Great work, Jay!

Proudly running Debian Linux! Linux vs. Windows is a no-Win situation....
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