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Re: New logo efforts...

YALD (Yet Another Logo Discussion)

> We have put togethor some new logo efforts that I would like everyone
> to look at.
> The Debian logo forms a happy little fellow out of the pieces of a D.
> The idea is that Debian is all about brininging pieces togethor in a
> way that makes happy people. haha!
This is a good example of a logo. Simple, works in b+w, good aspect ratio
(not too tall or wide), and easily identifiable. Am I missing anything?

Before this goes too far, I'd like to see people put this on hold for
a few more weeks until we get the new proposal system up and running.
Once it is, we should have a motion to make it the official logo.
Any developer will be free, of course, to put forward an official amendment
suggesting that a different logo be the official one.

I suspect that we will need to post criteria for logos so that
unacceptable attempts don't get enough seconds. The outcome of that
proposal should end this question once and for all!

All those who have been suggesting alternative logos for the last few
months should get them ready now.

- Jay
Who is getting tired of hearing the same topic come up again and again and...

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