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Re: New logo efforts...

>>>>> "Ean" == Ean Schuessler <ean@novare.net> writes:

    Ean> We have put togethor some new logo efforts that I would like
    Ean> everyone to look at.

    Ean> The Debian logo forms a happy little fellow out of the pieces
    Ean> of a D.  The idea is that Debian is all about brininging
    Ean> pieces togethor in a way that makes happy people. haha!

I like the Debian logo. :)

    Ean> The SPI logo is 19,16,9 in binary, made out of people. The
    Ean> numbers are the ordinal value of the letter in the alphabet
    Ean> S=19, P=16, I=9. So, SPI is a binary phenomena made of
    Ean> people.

This is kind of odd, but it works :)

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