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Re: ZDNet 'Leaning Towards Linux' Article

In message <[🔎] dmmn2e2a8ad.fsf@dcsun4.comp.brad.ac.uk>, James Troup writes:
>Kirk Hilliard <kirk@ghoti.com> writes:
>> Nils' message was straight forward, polite, and informative --
>> hardly a flame.
>"While Red Hat is a commercial distribution sold for profit"
>Is misleading and provocative.

Misleading, maybe, but I don't see how that is provocative.  And no, the 
sentence preceding this one is not intended to be provocative either :)

>But this *all* misses the point; it doesn't matter if his message was
>the most straight forward, polite, and informative message ever
>written, it should *not* have been sent off in the name of Debian with
>_zero_ chance for developer comment.

I agree with you on this.  I assumed that with iwj's OK it was good enough 
to send.  Obviously, judging by the discussions in this group afterwards, it 
is not.  I've added a section to the debian publicity page that defines what 
a press comment should and should not be, and how to go about writing and 
releasing it.  Please take a look at it at http://www.rpi.edu/~lohnen and 

Thanks for the feedback, and sorry about the hassle this has caused.

>Blah, I've said all I'm going to say on this as I'm repeating myself.
>New Debian WWW Master (hope you don't mind jt)
>M-x gnus-killfile-replies.


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