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Re: Logos

From: stan <stan@mjet.com>
> I could presume that there are publicity team members who are
> marketing/promotions/public relations experts.

Hi Stan,

I studied all of the media in college as a communication arts major.
Now I work at Pixar Animation Studios. I still remember my marketing
and advertising courses, and I've written software for four-color
printing. I'm married to a publicity and public relations expert, so
I have help with those questions. I also hope I've picked up a little
marketing savvy after working with Steve Jobs for 11 years.

> The beautiful color logos that your artist contributors have developed
> for web publication may not be as practical, put to paper, as the
> black-and-white ones.

3D doesn't always work well in print, especially in small sizes. The logo
I selected can be embossed if we want to use it as a 3D object, but can be
used as an outline as well, in black and white, one color, or two. It's also
a unique enough image that we can trademark it, and it points out the Linux
connection. I hope you like it.



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