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Debian GNU/Linux Logo chosen

We've been having a logo contest for a long time. It failed to generate
a consensus on a logo for the project. It got to the point where people
were clamoring for me to hire a commercial artist and get the job done.
I went over the candidates in the logo contest, and found one that was
probably as good as what I would have gotten after spending money on a
commercial artist. The logo I chose is

specifically the color one with the blue eye.

This is the logo of "Debian GNU/Linux". Any future Debian system we do with
the Hurd would obviously have a different logo. We could still use a logo
for Software in the Public Interest.

I chose this logo because it is a simple, easily recognized image, it
emphasizes the Linux connection while it is also definitely different
from the Linux penguin, it's easily trademarked, and it has esthetic merit.

We need some more artistic treatements of this logo - different sizes (for
example one for a CD jacket), different type, use of the image in various
contexts, etc.

My thanks to all of the artists who submitted logos. There was great
creativity, and I'm sorry that we could not use all of them!

	Many Thanks

	Bruce Perens
	Debian Project Leader
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