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I could presume that there are publicity team members who are
marketing/promotions/public relations experts. I could also presume
there are team members who are savvy in business, and small business
survival tactics. If I offend any such experts at your organization,
with the following, I am sorry.

While Debian is a not-for-profit organization, survival is still
paramount. A logo will cost money to maintain, and print. A four color
logo will cost more to maintain and print. Graphics content, even more. 
The beautiful color logos that your artist contributors have developed
for web publication may not be as practical, put to paper, as the
black-and-white ones.  Of course, the CD publishers can afford to print
colorful graphics logos on their jewel boxes, but Debian cannot.

Take a look at what Bill Gates did when he started Microsoft, he merely
italisized the name of the corp. Really cheap to print and maintain.
Fits on all sorts of merchandise, business cards, and documents. Looks
like a logo of a company that means business.

As far as your survey, I would be careful here, the sample space is
going to be very small. Since you don't charge for every survey opinion,
you could have biases built in ( eg. the artist and her friends could
hit her CGI button repeatedly from different ip addresses, tho I don't
want to imply that anyone IS doing that ).

My point is that there will be alot to do to make Debian the preeminent
distribution. While I applaud Redhat and the quality of its work, I
think the tremendous international support base of Debian contributors
will favor Debian as the technology leader, provided there IS some small
clearing house ( your org ) that can PERSIST long enough to gain
critical mass.  For that to happen, cash outflows MUST be minimized.

In regard to what I have developed above, I vote for Frank Neumann's

Good Luck,

Stan Katz

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