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Re: Debian and GitLab Open Source Partnership

Hi Hanno!

On 7/25/21 11:36 AM, Hanno 'Rince' Wagner wrote:
> Hi Donald!
> On Sun, 25 Jul 2021, Donald Norwood wrote:
>> include a few requests from them on: How Debian uses GitLab for a case
>> study, some highlighting and promotion from us regarding their upcoming
> would you mind to tell more about this "case study"? do you use
> tracking mechanisms about what the developer use gitlab for or how
> they use it? if so, is this accepted by everybody within the EU
> according to the GDPR?
> I do not want to sound negative, but to be informed about that there
> are tracking mechanisms and they wil be used for analysis of peoples
> behaviour is nothing I would like to be part of without consent,
> especially if gitlab is meant as the platform to develop and maintain
> packages.

Your concerns have merit, especially if there were tracking elements or
the exposure of any Personal Identifiable Information (PII) made
available. However, the inquires for the Case Study will likely be to
see how Debian uses GitLab and perhaps questions as to why we chose them
and so on, any information shared would come from our own DDs and teams
that work on or with GitLab. I don't think any information we provide
them will drill down to specific individuals, this seems more like
metrics and analytics with a personal touch on the end.

I would imagine the completed Case Study is mutually beneficial for each
of our organizations in light of documenting how an organization of our
size uses GitLab and for them showcasing how they are able to provide

Be well,


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