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NVC or other Training at DebConf

>>>>> "Martin" == Martin Steigerwald <martin@lichtvoll.de> writes:

    Martin> I remember that at the recent KDE Academy meetups, I think
    Martin> the last two, there has been some workshop about non-violent
    Martin> communication.

    Martin> Maybe it would be an idea to propose something like that for
    Martin> the next Debconf or maybe even some online meeting before?

I've found NVC to be incredibly useful.
I have had no formal training but have read some of their books and then
started trying to use it for years.

NVC is basically a framework/toolkit for dealing with emotions and for
connecting with yourself and others.
It's not really a world view so much as a set of tools.
If you want connection with others, perhaps it will be effective for
It has been for me.

Some people in the project have gotten NVC training they weren't very
happy with.
I'd love to see good NVC training at DebConf.

Or training in any other empathy framework or similar.

One complaint i've heard is that the training is expensive.
In our current climate, "um whatever," is my response.
I think that any training that helps us work together would be worth its
weight in modern servers.


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