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Re: Creating a Debian Spending proposals and discussion mailing list


On Sun, 04 Apr 2021, Phil Morrell wrote:
> Please keep in mind that I'm proposing this list purely as a practical
> experiment, it does nothing that can't already be done elsewhere, and if
> it doesn't work out after say 6 months, then so be it. All I'm looking
> for is an indication that it would not be a complete waste of my time to
> set up, that doing so has the potential to help Debian, and that some
> DDs would be willing to review and Second proposals.

I think it's important to experiment in this direction but for a low-key
experimentation I'd rather go with a gitlab project where you file ideas
as issues, people vote up and down various ideas with the usual +1 -1
buttons (gitlab can then show you a sorted list by popularity). You can
have draft projects in text files and people can collaborate with MR on
enhancement to those drafts.

We could have a "debian/spending-ideas" if you want so that all DD have
write access by default. We could restrict access to issues for project
members (that automatically includes all DD + selected non-DD directly
added to the project).

> > It's certainly good to lower the barrier for proposals but for your Kotlin
> > example, the issue is more "who will be paid to to the work"? Someone has to
> > select a winning bid and having that kind of responsibility within Debian
> > is the historical friction point related to use of money in Debian.
> Isn't that the same issue you have for Freexian?

Well, no. Freexian is not Debian. I said _within Debian_.

> Presumably the Proposal
> would be either an Executor or (implied by default) Reviewer by your
> terminology, so then the Seconds are agreeing who will review the work.

If freexian decides to trust a Debian contributor to select a winning bid,
or trust a Debian contributor to implement a project, it's not the same
as if the money was given by Debian directly to a Debian contributor.

Obviously that decision can still have an impact on the community and
that's why I aim to have a clear and transparent process.

> a point where that is a concern. For now I am happy giving more
> visibility to actionable projects with *any* reasonable impact on
> Debian.


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