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Re: General Resolution: Richard Stallman's readmission to the FSF board


> A General Resolution has been started about Richard Stallman's
> readmission to the FSF board.
> It currently has 1 available options, but other proposals have been suggested.

I explicitly do NOT support this GR.

My opinion, as laid out at

With the FSFE freezing its collaboration with the FSF, projects
signing open letters to effectively disassemble the FSF and the GNU
project altogether, it seems we are officially at war.

With all due respect to everyone who has been offended by Richard
Stallman, feels oppressed by him, or is negatively affected by his
views — every single such person has to be heard, their fears and
sorrows been taken into account, and appropriate action been taken.
As such, I am in full support of requiring the FSF board to instate
an investigation committee, take letters from anyone affected, and
hear these cases (including rms' position).

What I do not support is forcing the disintegration of the FOSS
community, even less in such crucial times. The COVID pandemic forces
evryone to digitise the hell out of them and their organisations, and
every action that weakens the FOSS movement in this ciritical process
certainly does more harm to the ecosystem than a single person on any
FOSS body's board ever could. Thus, I consider those responsible for
this, in my opinion, thoughtless action harmful to the FOSS ecosystem.

As already said, I am in full support of an investigation committee,
and would immediately sign an open letter requesting the FSF to
instate one (including a helpful list of requirements for this committee).

Thanks for listening!

P.S.: On a side note, hosting this thing on GitHub, which explicitly
discriminates against parts of the community and is itself harmful to
the FOSS ecosystem as a whole, is at least a bit weird.

As such, I want to make the following amendment:

Choice 2

The Debian Project does not co-sign the statement regarding Richard
Stallman's readmission to the FSF board seen at

In its role as an important body in the free software world, the
Project has made its members aware of the situation, and respects the
opinion of all of its members. In doing so, every member is free to
sign the statement, or to not do so.

The Debian Project make an official statement, along the lines of:

* We have learnt about rms being readmitted to the FSF board
* We are aware of critical voices regarding the person known as rms,
  and we take every single report very serously
* Everyone who is affected by any action, opinion or statement of
  rms can ask the Debian Anti Harassment team for support, and
  the Anti Harassment team will suppor tthem in communicating with
  the FSF and ensure their concerns are addresses
* The Debian Project supports the instatement of an investigation
  committee regarding all accusations against rms and asks the
  FSF board to take such action, in close cooperation with other
  organisations and in full transparency

Kind regards,

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