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Re: General Resolution: Richard Stallman's readmission to the FSF board

Le vendredi 26 mars 2021 à 11:05:26+0100, Dominik George a écrit :
> Hi,
> > A General Resolution has been started about Richard Stallman's
> > readmission to the FSF board.
> > 
> > It currently has 1 available options, but other proposals have been suggested.
> I explicitly do NOT support this GR.
> My opinion, as laid out at
> https://github.com/rms-open-letter/rms-open-letter.github.io/issues/2285:
> 8><------------------------------------------------------------------
> With the FSFE freezing its collaboration with the FSF, projects
> signing open letters to effectively disassemble the FSF and the GNU
> project altogether, it seems we are officially at war.
> With all due respect to everyone who has been offended by Richard
> Stallman, feels oppressed by him, or is negatively affected by his
> views — every single such person has to be heard, their fears and
> sorrows been taken into account, and appropriate action been taken.
> As such, I am in full support of requiring the FSF board to instate
> an investigation committee, take letters from anyone affected, and
> hear these cases (including rms' position).
> What I do not support is forcing the disintegration of the FOSS
> community, even less in such crucial times. The COVID pandemic forces
> evryone to digitise the hell out of them and their organisations, and
> every action that weakens the FOSS movement in this ciritical process
> certainly does more harm to the ecosystem than a single person on any
> FOSS body's board ever could. Thus, I consider those responsible for
> this, in my opinion, thoughtless action harmful to the FOSS ecosystem.
> As already said, I am in full support of an investigation committee,
> and would immediately sign an open letter requesting the FSF to
> instate one (including a helpful list of requirements for this committee).
> Thanks for listening!
> P.S.: On a side note, hosting this thing on GitHub, which explicitly
> discriminates against parts of the community and is itself harmful to
> the FOSS ecosystem as a whole, is at least a bit weird.
> ------------------------------------------------------------------><8
> As such, I want to make the following amendment:
> 8><------------------------------------------------------------------
> Choice 2
> ========
> The Debian Project does not co-sign the statement regarding Richard
> Stallman's readmission to the FSF board seen at
> https://github.com/rms-open-letter/rms-open-letter.github.io/blob/main/index.md
> In its role as an important body in the free software world, the
> Project has made its members aware of the situation, and respects the
> opinion of all of its members. In doing so, every member is free to
> sign the statement, or to not do so.
> The Debian Project make an official statement, along the lines of:
> * We have learnt about rms being readmitted to the FSF board
> * We are aware of critical voices regarding the person known as rms,
>   and we take every single report very serously
> * Everyone who is affected by any action, opinion or statement of
>   rms can ask the Debian Anti Harassment team for support, and
>   the Anti Harassment team will suppor tthem in communicating with
>   the FSF and ensure their concerns are addresses
> * The Debian Project supports the instatement of an investigation
>   committee regarding all accusations against rms and asks the
>   FSF board to take such action, in close cooperation with other
>   organisations and in full transparency
> ------------------------------------------------------------------><8


Note: IDK yet if I'd vote for that choice, but I'm keen on having a fair
set of choices for this GR.

Pierre-Elliott Bécue
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