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Re: Welcome new Debian Developer: mwei

Hey Yao Wei

On 2020/12/26 04:31, Yao Wei wrote:
> Technically I am not a new Developer, but I changed my status from
> non-uploading to uploading.

Ah yes, great!

> Thanks for the NM team giving me courage to continue, and especially
> praveen and tobi (who was the AM of my first NM) taking me through the
> NM process, and several people in Chinese Debian community, especially
> the person bearing the ID "dfceaef", that keeps pushing me when I was
> bothering boyuan for sponsor uploading.
> I may have doubts of my packaging procedures so I may bombard people
> here to review my packaging, asking where the documents are etc.
> I am also consider making videos or livestreams for packaging, learning
> and stuffs, similar to what Jonathan was doing.

Sounds good, shout if you need anything!


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