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Welcome new Debian Developer: mwei


Congratulations and welcome to Ming-ting Yao Wei (mwei), who has
completed the NM process and is now a Debian Developer (uploading) and
along with that, a full project member.

Thank you for your contributions to Debian!

-Jonathan, Debian Project Leader

   ⢀⣴⠾⠻⢶⣦⠀  Jonathan Carter (highvoltage) <jcc>
   ⣾⠁⢠⠒⠀⣿⡁  https://wiki.debian.org/highvoltage
   ⢿⡄⠘⠷⠚⠋   https://debian.org | https://jonathancarter.org
   ⠈⠳⣄⠀⠀⠀⠀  Debian, the universal operating system.

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