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Re: Results of the salsa sprint

For me as someone with a above average memory for these sorts of details
and someone who types URIs into browsers and shells, -team is fie extra
characters to type.
It's also a naming restriction in a place where I'm not used to seeing
naming restrictions onother gitlab sites.

However, I too am in favor of keeping it, and that's because I'd like to
keep the set of potential account names distinct from the set of
potential groups.
I understand we do not have a guarantee of that distinction today.
When registering an account, if we do not already have the salsa account
name reserved, we do already need to check if there is a salsa
namespace.  If there is we may run into trouble if we ever want that
salsa account name.

It's not a guarantee I'm looking for.
It's more a matter of convention and average case where I care about the
Which is to say it's something I care about for human factors  rather
than for exact guarantees.

So, even though I wish I wasn't saying this, please keep -team.


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