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Re: Fwd: protontypes wants to support the Debian Project with LibreSelery

Le lundi 12 octobre 2020 à 16:05:30+0200, Tobias Augspurger a écrit :
> I absolutely understand your fears. Whether a project wants to finance itself
> through donations and whether these are only used for central infrastructure
> depends centrally on the type of project and community. Of course, it changes
> the motivation of the people if the amounts distributed become larger. We take
> this into account right from the start of the project:
> https://github.com/protontypes/LibreSelery/wiki/
> Transparent-Funding-of-Git-Based-Projects#human
> LibreSelery should be seen as an alternative to Tidelift or GitHub sponsors.
> LibreSelery gives a FLOSS community the opportunity to distribute possible
> funds without further middlemen.  We are convinced that funding within open
> source is ideally distributed via open-source software itself. However, as the
> commercialization and financing of open source projects is increasing, we
> wanted to present a concept that is more adaptable to different community
> requirements. In this way, it can be decided in a public process on the basis
> of a free tool how this is done.

I'm not against the idea at all, it's rather the opposite. But I think
it is not suit for the Debian Project as it is for now. Some people have
the luxury of being paid by their employeer to do Debian Stuff, others
do freelance for people using Debian systems, but in both cases, the
project has no ties to their funding, it's just people using their
status in their professional environment.

Here, the idea is to either have the project advertise (either passively
or actively) to fund people working on some projects, or to have it get
some developers funded and others none. This is a right turn I'd rather
not see in Debian.

That being said, if it is for experimentation purposes, maybe we could
help, but that'd be up to our salsa team.

So, all in all, I'm not against your project, but not keen on the idea
of having it implemented in Debian.

Pierre-Elliott Bécue
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